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Dr. Chavez is a Veterinarian and business executive with a progressive career founded upon a solid commitment to pet advocacy, integrity, education, and sound veterinary principles. His own Golden Retriever, Rey, was a successful case study for JustFoodForDogs, which made Dr. Chavez’s involvement even that much more personal to him.

Shawn Buckley is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully founded and sold a number of businesses. His current endeavor, JustFoodForDogs, is his most passionate yet, and was inspired by his first dog, Simon. He is a passionate supporter of pet rescue organizations.

Shawn Buckley

Dr. Oscar Chavez

Founder, JustFoodForDogs

Chief Medical Officer, JustFoodForDogs

Big Kibble

What's really going into commercial dog food?

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The authors are donating every penny of profit they personally make from the book to non-profit rescues

Shawn Buckley

Dr. Oscar Chavez

An inside look at the shocking lack of regulation within the pet food industry

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What's really in your dog's food?

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